Work from Home

Adapting to the New Way of Working

Work is something you do, not somewhere you go

Ultimate Agility

Work from any location, even home and enjoy the same great experience as if you were in the office

Greater Productivity

Your staff spend less time on the daily commute and more time being productive and getting work done

Staff Retention

Give your staff the productivity tools to get the job done while balancing work/life commitments

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

The world is changing and business must too.  And with an increasing unpredictability in the world we live in, we have to prepare for all eventualities.  Recent events have seen a huge increase in remote working and it’s most certainly here to stay.  But businesses and their people, processes and technology aren’t always prepared to align to the new norm.
That’s where our hosted telephony and unified communications solution comes into its own.  We can extend the power of multimedia – voice, video and data – to the home or any location and ensure continuity of communications and customer service, quickly and easily.
Our collaboration solutions negate the need for travelling.  Decision-making will never be the same again.

Meet the Avaya Workplace Client

The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Mobile Employees


Automatic or set it


Up to 10 devices

Top of Mind

All at a glance

Persistent Messaging

1 to 1 or group

Comprehensive History

Quickly call again or call back

Voice Messages

Get messages fast

Directory Integration

Access your organisational directory

Calendar Integration

Join meeting with one click

Your Meeting Room

One click join

Team Collaboration

Connect to your team spaces

"Organisations need to ensure that employees who are working remotely have sufficient and impactful opportunities for both formal and informal engagement and social interaction with colleagues."

The Western Development Commission & Whitaker Institute NUI Galway Report of the Expert Group on Remote Working