Phones, Headsets and End Devices

Your Trusted Partner for Phones and Endpoints

We're proud to choose Avaya and their robust devices for every working experience

Avaya Desktop

A range of high-performance desktop phones with full features and maximum connectivity, ideal for any office environment

Avaya Hospitality Phones

Hospitality has specific demands with its high volume of clients and diverse needs. Devices available from wall-mount to desktop.

Avaya Multimedia Devices

Work from anywhere with video and full collaboration in one click. These devices also integrate fully with Avaya Spaces, also available from Telcom.

Avaya Wireless Handsets

Devices are specifically designed for users who need to be always connected. They're ideal for industrial or challenging outdoor applications.

Good collaboration requires you to right-size internet connectivity

Avaya Conference Phones

A simple, plug and play device ideal for audio conferencing with superior voice quality

Avaya Huddle Rooms

Small systems ideal which promotes smart collaboration for geographically-dispersed team. Easy to use and setup with next gen cloud capabilities.

Avaya Headsets

A range headsets available from entry-level applications across the contact centre to top-range binaural headsets and noice cancellation technology.

Good collaboration requires you to right-size internet connectivity

Avaya Video Systems

Video conferencing room systems with HD quality display and 20 kHz audio which deliver an outstanding experience, time after time.


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