Numbering and Porting

Global Inbound Services and Freephone Numbers

Local, national and international numbers can be ported to us, same day

A Choice of Service

Inbound numbers gives your company a “local” presence, even if your operations are in another country.

Using these numbers creates a very professional image, a reassuring message that you are easily contactable, and that you are here to stay.  But it also brings other benefits.

You can monitor which advertising campaigns and calls to action are producing the best returns. And by the way, in the unlikely event of a ‘site outage’ we can re-route you within minutes. So, no need to worry about being off the air and losing customers. And no need to worry about changing contact numbers either. Your number sticks with you where ever you go.

These numbers offer you the ability to increase sales, improve customer reach and reduce costs. Contact us to discuss which option suits your company’s requirements.

Freephone Numbers

This where you pay to receive calls from your customer.

Shared Cost

This where you share the cost of calling with your customer.


In Ireland you can choose from 1800 or 0818 numbers

Regular Numbers

You can also choose a regular 01 number for Dublin, 021 in Cork etc...regardless of where you are based.

Seamless porting service

Here’s how we do it

Step 1

We run a data request through our portal based on your Universal Account Number to understand exactly what your Line portfolio looks like.

Step 2

Provide test DDIs and carryout inbound and outbound audio tests before scheduling port . This ensures that when the time comes to port your real numbers that everything is ready and working from an infrastructure side.

Step 3

Schedule port of the numbers at a time and date that suits the end customer to ensure minimal impact on end customer day to day activities. Testing phase to ensure all numbers have migrated and ported across correctly.

Step 4

Provide access to our 24/7 NOC with all SIP trunks configured and monitored by our inhouse 24/7 proactive monitoring software.


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