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(formerly MinuteBuyer)

PSTN Service

PSTN has long been the backbone of voice traffic for business. We continue to offer high-quality voice services that are versatile and offer a choice of options to suit your needs.

Basic Rate ISDN

With ISDN services, we provide two separate lines, which means they can perform different tasks simultaneously. The solution offers an easy way to deliver enhanced voice and data connectivity.

Primary or Fractional Rate ISDN

Suitable for larger sites which require a concentration of large volumes of voice calls and/or a concentration of large volumes of data traffic. Facilitates large scale connection of voice and data circuits to a PBX.

Voice over IP

IP is the key platform for future innovation, offering many benefits for organisations, from eliminating internal call costs to simplifying your infrastructure.

Transparent Performance and SLA

All of our voice services are fully managed.

We source a supplier, place the order, manage the installation, carry out the necessary maintenance and manage all repairs for you. We also offer easy-to-use tools to help you address issues with your lines and track repairs.

And we’ll provide performance reports with detailed cost breakdown for finance.

We Understand Your Digital Business

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