Secure Executive Connectivity

Not All Connections are Suited to Working from Home

Secure, dedicated connectivity keeps you and your data safe and supports corporate security policy

Don't be the weakest link

The hybrid workplace is upon us, where we spend part of our working week in the office and part at home.

Is it prudent to use a shared internet connection from home, where Jack and Sarah are gaming away to their hearts’ content and Michael is surfing some questionable websites across the net?

We don’t think so.

That’s why we offer dedicated internet connections for home workers – we call it secure, executive connectivity.

Having a fixed IP address means that your identity is assured in terms of accessing computing resources through your corporate firewall.  Unlike dynamic IP addresses which can change each time you log onto the internet from a domestic connection, fixed IP addresses are assigned by your service provider on a permanent basis and they can be easily authenticated with your corporate firewall, giving you access to the apps, files and folders you need to do your job.

If you want to move files either to or from the corporate network, you can do it from an identified IP address so back at base, the IT team can lock the network down to this identified IP address.

It’s like having the key to the lock on your front door.

A dedicated internet connection that’s not shared with anyone else at the same location will by default deliver dedicated performance.  That means you enjoy the maximum amount of speed available on that connection, without compromise.

High performance is critical particularly if you’re sharing large files and having a dedicated connection means you can squeeze every last ounce of bandwidth and work as productively as if you were connected to the corporate network from the office.

By choosing a managed connection, we have ‘eyes’ on it at all times.  So we know if the connection goes down and why.  We can perform remote troubleshooting at ease and maximise network uptime.

Our managed connections are delivered via a managed device and this means end-to-end encryption for your business-sensitive traffic.

Enterprise-grade connections equal enterprise-grade support. This means when you need technical assistance, there’s someone professional and technically competent to speak to you in person.

There’s no self-service and no hanging on the line for hours on-end.  You engage with one of our helpdesk agents who’ll get you back up and running, in no time.

Our executive connections are available in bundles of 5 lines and are billable directly to the parent company, not the user.

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