Call Reporting

Call Reporting

Information is power that fuels better business decision-making, no matter what size your business is.
Our call reporting provides rich, actionable data at your fingertips

Standard Reports

Over 50 call reports, out of the box specifically designed to create visibility and efficiency. Cradle to grave reporting can validate each inbound, outbound and internal call from start to finish.

Customised Reports

Reports can be tailored and branded to fit your unique business requirements. You can create reports from scratch or customise an exisiting report.

Recording Library

Recording Library enables you to evaluate your employees and listen to their specific calls. Customisable retention policies determine how long recordings are kept and allow storage throughout your network.

Agent Dashboards

Agent Dashboards improve agent productivity and visibility through widgets and account/reason codes. Account codes enable entry of more information about calls, while reason codes enable agents to notify supervisors of their status.

At a glance Information

Our reports are designed to be practical, action oriented and to provide the most relevant information in a format that’s easy to consume.  Ask our staff for a demo where you’ll really appreciate the power of our call reporting and how it can be used to streamline your organisation’s communications. 

Tools to Improve Service Levels

Our Customer Survey Module System provides an option for post-call surveys to rate or comment on the call/service provided to the user.  This is an invaluable tool to assess the performance of staff and the level of satisfaction you’re organisation is providing to cutomers.

The survey is conducted over IVR (interactive voice response) and no comments are captured, just ratings.

Survey results include the collective survey results and statistics in a comprehensive format accessible over a Web User Interface as well as sent via email.

Regular email notification with complete survey details are sent to contact centre supervisor with customers who were satisfied/unsatisfied with the experience.


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