Consolidate security and networking into a single platform

Identify and block threats in real time with our advanced firewall technology, powered by Juniper Networks

Advanced Security, Simplified

Simplify operations while protecting users, applications, and infrastructure from hard-to-catch malware before it hits your business.

Real Time Threat Prevention

Our devices continuously analyse and monitor web and e-mail files for ransomware and other evasive threats.

Enhanced Security Performance

By migrating to the latest next-generation Juniper technology, you benefit from improved security performance while preserving operational expertise.

Distributed Enterprise Deployments

Suitable for single-site or multi-site deployments providing one platform for application-based routing and quality of experience.

Secure Routing Technology

Supports the widest variety of WAN connectivity ensuring you can meet the needs of different connection options from your chosen service provider

Protect your organisation from the most sophisticated attacks

The never-ending reports about security breaches make cybersecurity impossible to ignore.

The World Economic Forum calls cyber attacks a risk of our increasing cyber dependency and considers the threat of a massive data breach or theft to be among the top five challenges facing us today.

At Telcom, we encourage organisations to prepare themselves to detect, isolate, and respond to these cyber threats before costly data breaches and compliance violations threaten their business.   

Mitigating the Threat Landscape


Customer records stolen
1 Billion
Average cost of a compromised record
Breaches that took only minutes
1 %
Cyber crime cost
1 Trillion EUR

Source: Risk Based Security Report, Ponemon Institute, Verizon & Juniper