Call Recording

Affordable, Flexible Call Recording

PCI and GDPR compliant, reducing risk for your business

Privacy Tools

In order to comply with GDPR, our call reporting allows clients to make data access or data deletion requests.  This data includes voice recordings.

API and Pause Permissions

We provide a manual or automatic pause capability based off the agent’s desktop activity or web-based API.


To protect the integrity of all voice recordings, we provide multi-layered encryption including MD5, PBE and DES.

Retention Policies

Users can set their own retention policies depending on what has been defined by the business. Weeks, months or years – the choice is yours.

User-Based Access Control

Unlimited logins with user access controls are available and you can define who has access to which recordings and whether they can listen, download or delete the recording.

Active Recording Lets You Choose

Active Recording is an add-on to our hosted telephony solution, based on market leading Avaya technology.

It’s a robust and cost-effective solution that allows you to add call recording as a feature to your customer service.  And as the recordings are hosted in our secure cloud, there’s no need for extra infrastructure.

You can choose to record inbound, outbound or even internal calls and the flexibility of the solution allows you to remain compliant with GDPR and PCI imperatives at all times.

Easy and Intuitive Setup with No Hardware Required

Step 1

Decide what kind of calls you want to record - inbound, outbound, internal or all three.

Step 2

Set up your trigger for activating the recording function. For example, if you view all recordings that have a hold event, you can use the filter settings to make the adjustments.

Step 3

With our Live Listen feature, you can listen to calls as they happen and use this as a valuable agent training tool for contact centre or large call centre environments.

Step 4

Choose whether you want to download, email or generate an external listen link. You can also generate a snippet of the recording and add notes or delete the recording.

Step 5

During an active call, you can pause or stop the recording on demand. Using our API, you can even stop the recording when the user clicks on a particular web page or credit card field.

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