SIP Trunking

Use the Power of IP for Voice Traffic

Reduce telecoms costs and be business-ready for PSTN transition

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking allows all your calls to connect to the Telcom carrier-grade network via IP (internet protocol) providing flexibility for your business and all the benefits and cost-savings that IP-based telephony brings.

Lower Costs

Reduced line rental and lower call charges


Phone numbers from over 140 countries


Take your phone numbers with you


Increase or decrease SIP channels at will


Our network is fully secure and resilient

Why Telcom for SIP Trunking?

Telcom is a Tier 1 carrier, interconnected to all major carriers in Ireland and globally.

This means you can tap into our resilient telecoms network and leverage your existing data network (through IP) to power your telephony service.

SIP trunking from Telcom is a clever solution for organisations that significantly reduces line rental and call costs, and renders you business-ready for the shutdown of the PTSN network across Europe which is currently underway.

As an industry-leading telecoms provider to Irish business and the telecoms industry, we have considerable expertise in the deployment of SIP Trunks for business and their integration to your telecoms infrastructure.


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