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We can provide their clients licensed microwave radio that provides secure, high-speed, scalable bandwidth for data, voice. This wireless connectivity is mainly used as an alternative where fibre is unavailable or if available it is at a very high cost.

In addition a mix of fibre and wireless is the ideal for fail over solutions with one in the air and the other in the ground. We provide ComReg approved license frequency. This ensures the quality of the connection will not be affected or degraded by other radio signals in the area.

All our microwave radio solutions are individually designed to meet your connectivity needs

  • Carrier-grade licensed microwave radio
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Symmetrical and uncongested connections
  • Supports all connectivity solutions (Ethernet, internet, VoIP, IP, MPLS, VPN, E1 / TDM)
  • Full end-to-end secure and reliable solution with 99.95% uptime
  • Fibre like performance
  • Low power requirements
  • Full wireless design and professional installation
  • National coverage